Rapidrill at FabTech 2015

Rapidrill is Now Available at Any Fastenal Retailer

There are always growing pains in the beginning of a new product. As you take a product to market you have to start somewhere and you hope that people like what they see. We have been to trade shows, put our product online and continue to grow through our distributors. People like what they are seeing. Today, Rapidrill can now be purchased through any Fastenal Retailer in the United States. We feel that this a huge accomplishment and shows how much people have loved this product.

Ordering through one of these local distributors allows for some great discounts. Visit your local Fastenal Dealer and tell that you want a Rapidrill.

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Rapidrill vs Mag Drill

The Rapidrill can replace the mag drill in any application. It is much lighter, quicker to set up and easier to use. It works with your existing hand drill whether it is corded or cordless. Keep in mind that the Rapidrill will work on non-ferrous materials which would render the mag drill useless.

In this video you will see the Rapidrill in action against a mag drill. Notice that it the mag drill takes two people to set up and is awkward in this situation where you are working over your head.

Learn why the Rapidrill is a must-have tool for the serious construction worker. Especially those in the steel erection industries.

Brig’s Testimonial about Rapidrill

Brig is a custom mechanic with over 20 years of experience. After using the prototype Rapidrill he now carries one in his truck bin.

Length 5:06

What is Rapidrill Video

The new “What is Rapidrill” video is up on youtube and on our website. It is sometimes hard to explain what exactly the Rapidrill is and how it works. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so take a look at our short video which explains how Rapidrill can save you time, create a safer work environment and is just plain fun to use.

Top eight reasons to attend the 2015 NASCC: The Steel Conference

We find the NASCC to be a great resource and will be attending. Will you be attending.? As put out by the AISC here are the top 8 reasons to attend:

Reason #1: Value
One low registration fee includes the keynote address, T.R. Higgins Lecture, SSRC sessions, the Bridge Track, and new sessions on how to work on federal projects. Registration includes more than 100 technical sessions, two lunches, and the Welcome Reception. But register early — fees increase each week by $10.

Reason #2: Networking, networking, networking
You’ll be hard pressed to find a better conference where you can meet more designers and steel contractors — this is an opportunity to meet new colleagues and catch up with old friends.

Reason #3: Knowledge
Take advantage of this once-a-year chance to expand your knowledge in your profession by attending our dynamic, expert-led seminars.

Reason #4: Continuing education credit
Learn from leading structural steel experts while you earn continuing education credit. The main conference offers 16 PDHs while you can obtain another 4 by attending pre-conference short courses. Learn about the latest trends and techniques, discover new solutions, and much more.

Reason #5: Location, location, location
Nashville is a great destination; easy to get to, inexpensive and fun. This year’s conference is right in the heart of downtown, just steps from the Country Music Hall of Fame and the city’s famous honky tonks.

Reason #6: Fabulous keynote
This year’s keynote is designed to explain why the generations are different and how to turn those differences into productivity. Hailed as a “leadership guru” by the Washington Post, Haydn Shaw will help you get the most out of the “texting” generation.

Reason #7: Chia-Ming Uang
This year’s T.R. Higgins lecture features Chia-Ming Uang from the University of California-San Diego discussing a flexibility-based design method for column stiffeners and their associated welds. This is a great opportunity to hear from one of the leading experts on seismic design.

Reason #8: Steel industry’s largest exhibit hall
With more than 200 exhibitors expected, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the latest products ranging from structural engineering software to fabrication equipment. You’ll see demonstrations of design software and machines cutting steel. And you’ll see the latest in welding, bolting, coating, and software technology.

To find out more about the conference click here